Unclothed Wisconsin: Introducing Naturism, Nudist Resorts and Bare Camping InWisconsin

Nude Wisconsin – Welcome fellow FKK WI (Young Naturists and Nudists America Wisconsin) membersI hope you are enjoying your summer thus far. I’m writing jailbaitcollections only young to our fellow naturists and our future naturists!!! I would like to introduce myself to you and to share with you why I love naked recreation, how I got started and more importantly how you can participate in our forthcoming actions.
Up until I was perhaps 7, I was one of those kids which couldn’t keep my clothes on and I think my mom got tired of shouting at me”Chip, strop running around the house in your birthday suit!!!” While growing up, I enjoyed going on holidays with my family to some bible camp.
When I was 16, I worked at that bible camp for a whole summer and loved it. Every Friday when the campers went home, most of the staff would meet at the lake (around 10:30pm) and swim in the nude.
We generally skinny-dipped most Fridays and Saturdaysand I became hooked. I used ton’t want to go home at the end of the summer, but then I realized that my skinny dipping days were goneuntil faculty.
After I was in school, it was located near a naturist campand so my naturist days continued. I was not courageous enough to go naked in front of my roommates, but I was able to recruit some friends to join me at these camps. During my school summers when my Parents went away on extended vacations, I would frequently stay naked at homeand just enjoyed the freedom of not wearing clothing.
Wisconsin nudist blog by Chip Hudson
After I was engaged to my soon-to-be wife, I mentioned my naturist lifestyle to her and while she was unwilling at first, she was open to learning more. I remember sharing with her my “Clothed with The Sun” magazine in the Naturist Society. I presumed this would answer questions, but instead it merely created more questions from her, that was alright.
I managed to convince her to attend an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, which had a naked beach. We had so much interesting and spent about half of our time at the unclothed beach (the other hours, we slept, went on tours, ateetc.) We went back there five years after and have seen several clothing optional resorts since then in WI, MI, IL, IN, FL, CA, and the UK.
So why am I boosting FKK WI? Uncomplicated. When my wife and I first visited these resorts, the average age was likely about http://picsnudists.com/tube/beach/ with meeting folks in their 60’s and 70’s. Do not get me wrong, we always have enjoyed meeting folks no matter what their age, sex, nudist beach family , etc. But we really missed discussing our encounters with people our age.
Young Naturists and Young Naturists In Wisconsin
Luckily, we now live in an era where the net has helped start the naturist lifestyle to the younger bunch. In addition , I enjoy the FKK organization because they believe in encouraging a safe and healthy environment, instructing anyone who’s interested in learning more about the nudistandnaturist lifestyle (through websites and other social programs) and finding actions that us young people would be interested to participate in.
FKKWI is formally found on July 14th with an “Amazing Canvas Beach Party”! Come see some impressive body painting or experience what it is like to be a human canvas.
We are also going to have swimming in the pond, volleyball and a movie screening of Act Naturally, the independent film by my friend and director, J.P. Riley. More details about the picture will be in my next post.
Consistently in the mood to be naked,
Chip Hudson
Unclothed Wisconsin – this intor to Naturist Resorts & Nude Camping Wisconsin was released by -Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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