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Naked Protests and Naked Protesting:
Bare Protest- Have you been thinking about naturism, but just can’t look to discover a reason to get naked? Well look no further Locate a purpose in getting naked by protesting something! Nudity can be used all the time to attract focus to some certain issue, whether it is peace, animal rights, or fighting for the right only to BE naked.
When it comes to this kind of protest, I tend to favor particular kinds over others- the ones where people are actually naked over those that are declared as nude in the headlines but where people are truly within their underwear and possibly wearing pasties. One example is PETA. Have a look at their advertisement below with Chad Ochocinco, publicized as him getting naked of course.
Social Nudity Laws
You aren’t nude, sir, I consider there’s a football covering your manly bits. I am not trying to hate on PETA though, they make a great statement: do not wear animal fur, just go naked! I’m all for it.
And yet people still get angry about their protests, as I located this on the net:
“I think their want to stand naked in public isn’t only distasteful but morally wrong. I can tell you write now that if one of their members came up to me attempting to talk if you ask me about their organization I ‘d politely listen and then say no thank you! But if I were in public and saw them streaking through the streets, particularly with my child I would be livid.”
“I strongly believe when it is illegal for citizens to be naked on the street is should also be illegal for protesters to be nude on the road! Hence, the following time they’re out on the road stark-naked protesting for us not to east Bessie the cow, they should be detained. I know that when you or I were to stand out on the road nude encouraging what we believed in we’d be detained.”
Bare protest peta campaign nude football star
So maybe this brings up the reason that they aren’t really full-frontally exposed: they do still have to comply with laws. And taboos that say you can not merely put a guy’s organ on an Animal Rights ad. has an image to maintain. Has anyone ever seen/attended a “naked” PETA protest?
Anyway, coming up in the next post- Naked protestors: those that recognize the modest from your naked and fearless (or crazier) individuals.
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