First intentions, she readily acknowledges, wasn’t to do the run, but to get the T shirt. Upon

Finding that the group was actually going to do the run, she became “a little
apprehensive,” and ”voyeuristic.” Nonetheless, her fascination endured, and she soon discovered
herself in the confines of the nudist resort. When asked to describe some of her feelings
about visiting the resort, she answered as such,
My initial reaction was apprehension. I was actually surprised how nervous and
Nervous I felt about being there. I felt physically ill in addition to embarrassed. And I was
concerned how I’d react to seeing someone openly naked.
nudists would see me as an intruder, a curiosity seeker, and would not appreciate me being
there. But once I was in the resort, I located the nudists to be friendly and the atmosphere of
the resort to be quite casual and welcoming. Almost immediately I felt at ease. My
Encounter at the resort turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. I located the nudists
No one attempted to drive me into becoming a fkk and
made me feel uncomfortable about being clothed. Nudists would grin and say hello, but
no one attempted to recruit me into that lifestyle. All of it felt really natural.
the nudists the skill to bathroom in the sun in the ‘all natural’ and not feel inhibited or humiliated.
Prior to visiting the resort, my subject never really gave much consideration to social
nudism. Yet, as an open minded person, she believes that social nudism is not only a
Private lifestyle, but a personal selection. Since seeing the resort my issue asserts her
Private views on social nudism haven’t transformed. She believes that social nudism should
be allowed, but in restricted regions, away from the public. She also feels that the
social naturist, must be a ”touch anti-establishment,” because this lifestyle goes against the
mainstream perspective, though she added, “But being a bit anti-organization isn’t necessarily a
Poor thing.”
When asked to describe what she learned from the encounter she responds, “I cannot

same as everyone else but they choose to go without clothing. I found that there were more
male nudists which makes me consider that guys are less inhibited than women. And I learned

that nudists come in all shapes and sizes and economic levels. And experience supported my
belief that nudism is not a sexual culture, but a natural one. ” 2

Interview #3

My third topic, instead of being personally interviewed, preferred to write about
his expertise at a naturist resort.
“My name is John K. I was first introduced to the theory of Nudism well over a
year ago by Joyce Casto. I am going to admit that I was not very well-informed and unprepared to
Adopt or just discuss the topic of social nudism.
visit a local nudist resort called Lake Como, I began to feel a sense of anticipation and
Delight build within, as the ” Day to go Naked” day grew nearer.
enough to explore the spices of life God had created for us on this good earth. It was in my
first year of college that I and some of my fraternity brothers attempted to enter a local
Fkk resort. Naturally, we were refused access and couldn’t even steal a peek into
what we considered a forbidden culture of beautiful, young nude females, prancing around
like nymphs in God’ s well safe and safe Garden of Eden. We as young men were
Enabling our raging hormones to guide us and warrant our actions, rather than our brains!
So, in May, 2001, over 36 years after, I stood at the entrance of Lake Como Resort
with the excitement and family nudism photo that my destiny would be fulfilled. I’d begin to

feel a wave of immaturity, well up in for me, as I took pride in the feeling of my mission
finally being accomplished. I literally had almost no notion of what social nudism was
Actually about as I crossed the threshold into this theatre of nakedness. The first lesson I
learned was that I ‘d to be comfortable with my own body. I first found a sign posted
which read, clothes optional, but nudity is supported. That provided a comfortable sign
for me to discard my top, but to leave my short pants and topsiders on.
at all the unclothed people, I came to the realization that much person thought goes into
feeling comfortable with the bodies that God has blessed us with.
naked and unashamed,” is not for the feeble, but for the strong of mind and spirit.
As we made our way through the seemingly herd of human anatomy, I began to feel

more comfortable with my presence and acceptance of every single female and male
body. Now, I am going to confess that I had presumed that I ‘d objectify the female
Inhabitants and dismiss the males in attendance for concern that I ‘d be viewed as unusual or