Nude Swimming and Naked Hiking on a Hot Summer NJ Day

Guest website by: Christopher Walter
Smurfs and Snappers and Bears! Oh My!
When the weather forecast calls for lots of sun, high humidity, high temperatures in the mid 90s, and a heat index up to 107 degrees, only how mad have you got to be to hike up mountainous terrain and across a high ridge, just to jump in a lake? On this day, seven and a half smurfs determined we were insane enough for the challenge, errwell, on the other hand perhaps some of us simply didn’t quite realize what we were in for.
With the automobiles parked, Mom Smurf (aka Beth Nolan) guided us down the long steep road to locate the trail head. About two hundred yards down the road Mama Smurf determined to lead us back up the hill to locate the trail head. Already dripping with sweat some of us joked about jumping in the water and calling it a day, but we carried on.
The first part of the trail established the most demanding part of the hike on our legs with well over 600 feet of incline in under a half mile of space. But we stopped two or three times to catch our breath.
“So, it is not far from here then Mother Smurf?”
“We need to cross the top of the ridge first then we will be there,” answered Mother Smurf.
Onward we place across the ridge. A few minutes afterwards we heard a big crash through the brush to our left and we all stopped to see what it was. A large black bear ceased about 40 yards away to look back at us for a few instants. I got a fast look at him, but he turned to go and hide before I could even think about a picture. Maybe he was only camera shy.
“How much farther Mama Smurf?”
“We are about half way there,” said Mom Smurf.
A little further on, profuse sweatingcheck..fatiguecheck..thrills and goose bumpscheck. I knew my body was over heated when I started getting goose bumps in 90 degree temperatures. The ridge was covered with of tree coverage and open areas. Every time we reach an open place the sun conquer right down. By then everyone wanted a good rest, so we made an additional long stop.
“Is it much farther Mom Smurf?”
“YES IT IS!!!!” yelled Mom Smurf.
Mom Smurf didn’t really yell at us, but before we were done I think we all nagged her at least once. Given the dreadful temperatures it was quite a trying two miles across the ridge and we were all over heated and exhausted. When we eventually made it to the lake, none of us thought twice.
snapping turtle
During our lunch break in the shade, a very inquisitive snapping turtle came right up to see us. It was enormous; its shell must have been over 15 inches in diameter. He stayed for quite a while posing for our graphics. Suffice it to say, some of us were less than excited about offering up a wienerschnitzel snack to our pal.
With two guide books among us, we discovered there was a shorter trail back to culture. So we began trekking back. As we came over a hill top I spotted a rock ledge. “Oh boy, I saw that stone ledge and believed it was a road. I believed we were saved.” I said. “So did I,” laughed Mama Smurf. “The mirages must be setting in!” We trudged along when the new ridge opened up to some spectacular view. A beautiful panorama of Greenwood Lake was beneath lined with lake front mansions and boats zipping up and down the lake. Without presuming we all stopped to take in the view. Ultimately we continued on, and before long we made it back down the incline to the world.
View of Greenwood Lake
Despite the raw legs, minor heat exhaustion, and a specific boggy backside the attempts of the day proved worth the challenge. After all, how frequently does one really get to see giant snapping turtles, wild black bears, and scenic views from atop a mountain ridge? And do not forget the nude swimming / skinny-dipping also!
For individuals who never watched the Smurfs, here is the classic scene:
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